Our ambition is to invest in the long-term health of humans and the planet. By putting people and the planet first, we make clear choices when we create our products, when we choose where we will produce and how our products will be delivered and which partners we work with.


We are new to the market, but we have extensive experience from the fashion textile and sports industry. For us, sustainability, the environment and human rights are a matter of course and are part of our daily decisions and long-term strategy when we strive for a more balanced lifestyle and a healthier society. Our concept will create opportunities for a more sustainable lifestyle where women can take care of themselves, their loved ones and the planet if desired. We do this primarily through the sustainable activewear of the future, but also through collaborations with women and partners who support our message & values ​​LOVE - POWER –MOVEMENT.


We develop and produce high quality products with timeless and sustainable design. Our design process is therefore extremely conscious and efficient with short decision paths, few samples and well-thought-out material choices with a focus on minimizing fabric and material waste and the opportunity to act flexibly to meet our customers' needs and demand. We strive for simplicity in everything we do. We value simple design that is easy to wear, easy to understand, easy to love and suits many people and many occasions. Through simplicity, we create efficiency and sustainability. Our goal is to contribute to a more balanced and simpler everyday life.


We choose our factory partners primarily on the basis of competence, experience, environmental impact, working conditions and transparency. We value long-term relationships and efficient working methods. Our range is manufactured in European well-known factories with extensive knowledge and experience from the sports and functional clothing industry. The materials we work with come mainly from Italian high-tech fabric suppliers, all approved and certified by, among others, Oeko-Tex®, PEF ® (Product Environmental Footprint), ISO14001. We only work with fabric and clothing partners who share our values ​​and support the sustainable development of the textile industry.


We strive for awareness and simplicity in our packaging design where we take into account the choice of materials, suppliers and recyclability. Our packaging and logo printing are designed in Stockholm and developed with the least possible environmental impact by our Bluesign® certified Swedish supplier. ByKimby activewear is delivered from the factory in a 100% recycled zip-plastic bag, which can be perfectly reused as a toiletry bag for eg shampoo & shower gel, or if desired, it also works for used clothes after training. Our durable and durable e-commerce bag is made from 100% recycled paper from responsibly managed forests that are equipped with FSC certification. The bag is easy to open as well as to close when returned.

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We only seek and collaborate with partners who share our values ​​on our journey towards a sustainable sports and fashion industry.

We build our brand in close relationship with conscious women, ie customers, employees and partners.


ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard in the industry that sets requirements for an environmental management system. It helps organizations improve their environmental performance by working on resource use and waste reduction.
OEKO-TEX är en internationell standard som Intygar att sortimentet/produkten inte innehåller och inte släpper ut några skadliga ämnen som kan vara farliga för människors hälsa. Färdiga produkter genomgår noggranna laboratorieanalyser som kontrollerar förekomsten/frisättningen av skadliga ämnen, såsom bekämpningsmedel, tungmetaller, formaldehyd, aromatiska aminer, allergiframkallande färgämnen. Kraven och trösklarna uppdateras ständigt baserat på de senaste medicinska-vetenskapliga studierna.
PEF CERTIFICATION (Product Environmental Footprint) measures the environmental footprint during a product's entire life cycle thanks to 16 environmental indicators such as water footprint, carbon footprint and energy footprint in the range.
SensitivEcoSystem® is a comprehensive vision with a focus on a set of procedures developed to reduce water, energy and chemical consumption and reduce waste and carbon dioxide emissions.